Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Just Keep Spinning, Just Keep Spinning

Well after a three year gap after starting this blog, it was suggested that I should start writing again.  Time flies when you're packing daily lunches for your kids and suddenly you're 50. I still run with the skirts...still married happily to a cyclist (but he's on off season right now, by that I mean he's been off his bike) and I have two active kids still living at home. My third child (daughter) recently committed to run XC and track next Fall for the University of Utah, so that running hobby turned out pretty well for her. I have a freshman boy who keeps us in the red with his growth spurts and life pursuits. My oldest son is now married and recently graduated from the University of Utah and my 2nd son is  attending Utah State University. I guess life keeps spinning as it were.
The Skirts on Cali trip 2016

As I mentioned, my husband isn't hitting the bike as much as in the past. Strangely enough it saddens me. He definitely says he is "off the back" right now which is a hard place to be.  I never considered myself a cyclist but I manage to get on a spin bike a couple times a month for cross training. I'm currently battling Piriformis Syndrome which is awful. Not being able to run as much as I like makes me restless.  Just getting my legs spinning helps. I'm pretty sure my entire family has some sort of ADD and requires exercise daily, including our dogs. It's hard to get going with any exercise program at first, but eventually you'll feel it's a daily drug. When my daughter suffered two stress fractures last year, she spent a lot of time on a spin bike. She absolutely hated it. She did like it more than swimming, but she still hated it.  She couldn't run for 7 months of her junior year. She experienced one stress fracture in her fibula, came back for a short period of racing and then suffered another stress fracture in her tibia in her opposite leg because she favored it too much and it was back to the bike. Now spinning is part of her regime and cross training.  My advice to those injured, "off the back" or those feeling unmotivated, is to just keep spinning. The fitness will come back. It takes time. Look at me, I'm writing this blog and it's been three long years! Don't be afraid of the gap because it will come back.

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