Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lance's Upcoming Confession

I'm sure there are cyclists world-wide, my husband included, who are curious as to what Armstrong said to Oprah in his confessional interview to be aired this Thursday.  We all know he is guilty of doping, so what's the breaking news here?  I guess we would like to see him look uncomfortable admitting the dirty details that he is a liar and a cheater.  Well, don't hold your breath.  From what I've read about him, Armstrong only looks out for himself.  He must think he gains something from hitting the couch with O.

The thing that I find fascinating is why open up to Oprah and not Bob Roll, Phil Liggett or even Dan Patrick?  Her show isn't even on prime time.  Where is the Oprah network channel anyway?  I have a theory why he is BFF'n with O.  I think Armstrong knows that he's alienated his comrades and cycling enthusiasts and he is trying to appeal to women for forgiveness and the advertising market.  Since admitting his guilt, he has trunks of money in sponsorships to loose as well as pending law suits.

As a skirt (and the target market I know Armstrong is trying to convince), I'm frankly annoyed.  I think he is an amazing athlete in a dirty sport, but blaming the culture of the sport still doesn't justify doping, bullying or make him a champion.  It makes him a champion of cheaters.  You don't put cheaters on cereal boxes, jerseys or on magazine covers.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Running With Goggles

Utah's weather has been unusually cold the last two weeks, even for January.  The Velominati Rule #9 states that riding in cold weather makes you a bad ass.  Well, running in at 5:30 a.m. in freezing temperatures either makes you a bad ass or a dumb one, I can't decide.

The cold weather and snow was methodically clearing my weekend schedule: daughter's soccer games were canceled, along with church meetings, indoor baseball practice, and even the city ski bus to Brighton (the last one especially ironic).  Yet, I still got a text from the skirts to run on Saturday and to dress warm and wear "ski goggles."   I had barely thawed out from a previous run where it hit a balmy seven degrees outside.  Does it make me feel bad ass to dream of a gym pass during the 8.5 miles in ankle-deep snow?  As you can imagine we weren't breaking time records during a winter storm, but we did do a few acts of service along the way, pulling cars out of the snow.  Afterward, I felt like I ran in mashed potatoes for 20 miles.  It's no wonder those spin classes are so crowded in the winter.  I'm just hoping it warms up a little, because my psyche is ready to crack - along with my knee joint, hip flexor, finger tips and all other extremities.

I have an amendment for the Velominati Keepers: Rule #92 Peer pressure can be deadly...but when you're called out, you're called out. (This includes e-mails and texts / race entry confirmations are preferred) 

Let me announce now, that I will not open any "lottery" messages regarding a snowshoe run. I know these races exist as I know the skirts love to include others on their adventures.  I had a great adventure on the route I like to call the "Slush Run" this past weekend, but blizzard runs are off my bucket list.   I actually ran in the St. George Marathon purely because the skirts entered my name with theirs in the lottery and we were all selected.  Next thing I knew, I was registered and running shoulder to shoulder with strangers.  Me -without a fuel belt at mile 20 thinking, "How did I get here?"