Monday, January 14, 2013

Running With Goggles

Utah's weather has been unusually cold the last two weeks, even for January.  The Velominati Rule #9 states that riding in cold weather makes you a bad ass.  Well, running in at 5:30 a.m. in freezing temperatures either makes you a bad ass or a dumb one, I can't decide.

The cold weather and snow was methodically clearing my weekend schedule: daughter's soccer games were canceled, along with church meetings, indoor baseball practice, and even the city ski bus to Brighton (the last one especially ironic).  Yet, I still got a text from the skirts to run on Saturday and to dress warm and wear "ski goggles."   I had barely thawed out from a previous run where it hit a balmy seven degrees outside.  Does it make me feel bad ass to dream of a gym pass during the 8.5 miles in ankle-deep snow?  As you can imagine we weren't breaking time records during a winter storm, but we did do a few acts of service along the way, pulling cars out of the snow.  Afterward, I felt like I ran in mashed potatoes for 20 miles.  It's no wonder those spin classes are so crowded in the winter.  I'm just hoping it warms up a little, because my psyche is ready to crack - along with my knee joint, hip flexor, finger tips and all other extremities.

I have an amendment for the Velominati Keepers: Rule #92 Peer pressure can be deadly...but when you're called out, you're called out. (This includes e-mails and texts / race entry confirmations are preferred) 

Let me announce now, that I will not open any "lottery" messages regarding a snowshoe run. I know these races exist as I know the skirts love to include others on their adventures.  I had a great adventure on the route I like to call the "Slush Run" this past weekend, but blizzard runs are off my bucket list.   I actually ran in the St. George Marathon purely because the skirts entered my name with theirs in the lottery and we were all selected.  Next thing I knew, I was registered and running shoulder to shoulder with strangers.  Me -without a fuel belt at mile 20 thinking, "How did I get here?"

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