Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lance's Upcoming Confession

I'm sure there are cyclists world-wide, my husband included, who are curious as to what Armstrong said to Oprah in his confessional interview to be aired this Thursday.  We all know he is guilty of doping, so what's the breaking news here?  I guess we would like to see him look uncomfortable admitting the dirty details that he is a liar and a cheater.  Well, don't hold your breath.  From what I've read about him, Armstrong only looks out for himself.  He must think he gains something from hitting the couch with O.

The thing that I find fascinating is why open up to Oprah and not Bob Roll, Phil Liggett or even Dan Patrick?  Her show isn't even on prime time.  Where is the Oprah network channel anyway?  I have a theory why he is BFF'n with O.  I think Armstrong knows that he's alienated his comrades and cycling enthusiasts and he is trying to appeal to women for forgiveness and the advertising market.  Since admitting his guilt, he has trunks of money in sponsorships to loose as well as pending law suits.

As a skirt (and the target market I know Armstrong is trying to convince), I'm frankly annoyed.  I think he is an amazing athlete in a dirty sport, but blaming the culture of the sport still doesn't justify doping, bullying or make him a champion.  It makes him a champion of cheaters.  You don't put cheaters on cereal boxes, jerseys or on magazine covers.

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