Sunday, February 3, 2013

My husband had a business meeting in Park City last week, so the kids and I got to go up to take a break.  The boys skied all day but my daughter and I opted instead to put on warm gear and take a short run around town.  She plays soccer and likes to run as well.  After our run, we were treated to a 50 minute massage at the hotel spa (courtesy of my thoughtful husband).  Now I've had a few massages in my life...not many, but a few.  My first was probably in my late 20's or early 30's.  My daughter was a little anxious at first when she slowly passed the steam room down the candle-lit hall of the Hotel Park City Spa.  The satin spa robe swallowed her small 13-year old frame.  We shared a room during the treatment.   I wasn't sure if it was the music, the fragrant oil, or the massage itself that made her catatonic, but I tried to speak to her a few times but she remained perfectly silent.

Afterwards she beamed, "I heard you but I couldn't speak. That was heaven and I drooled three times."

I thought, What have I done? I've opened a can of worms.

I remember when I got my first Barbie.  I loved Barbies. My mom probably rethought that first Barbie purchase over and over.  I had over 42 Barbies purchased during the Barbie years. And those who know anything about playing with Barbies, know that the Barbie window is very small.  Barbie is too mature to be played with for a baby girl, yet too young to be kept around with when you're in the preteens. And you know what you need with Barbie?  A whole lot of other Barbie crap:  Ken, Skipper, the motor home, the dream house, the hair salon, the air plane, and not to mention an endless wardrobe. Believe me, I had it.

So far, none of our kids are seriously into biking.  One son has a cycling jersey.  Another has a bike up at college with some accessories, but nothing that is breaking the bank.  The cycling black hole at my home is strictly my husband's.  My kids play baseball, football, soccer and the usual sports.  My daughter, however,  is starting the track thing.  And I have to admit, I kind of like it.  Running is something we both enjoy.  Originally I thought as far as cost, great! I'm thinking tennis shoes and shorts.  Unluckily, I laid out big bucks for some spikes last weekend because apparently she has sprinters spikes instead of long distance spikes.  Okay, honest mistake.  Never trust a salesperson at Dick's sporting goods.  Just for personal comparison,  I began making a few notes on some fees versus baseball or football fees.

First up Track
Compression socks - she wore mine and liked them  $24.00
Athleta headband - she adopted mine, so eventually I will need to replace it  $18.00
Running jacket - needed for outdoor training $30.00
Long distance spikes - note: send bill to Dick's Sporting Goods $120.00
dznuts embrocation cream - she discovered my husband's after workout to help with sore muscles $20.99

After attending the track meet at the Olympic Oval she was very nervous as she is young and it was her first high school meet. She ran a 5:47 mile unofficially.   Priceless

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