Friday, January 4, 2013

By way of introduction, let me explain the title of my blog.  Lance Armstrong wrote a book entitled "It's Not About The Bike."  The book was about his struggle with overcoming Cancer and still being competitive in the world of cycling -- with some help from injections, to be sure, but successful nonetheless.  I am obviously not married to Lance Armstrong.  I am however, married to an avid, how should I say....recreational and competitive cyclist who works a day job.  And believe me when I say, it's always about the bike.  I run on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings at 5:30 a.m. with my friends, many of whom are also married to cyclists.  I've listened to similar stories and we've laughed and cried together.  So this blog is for you sisters out there where ever you are!  It's not meant to bash our better half, but to find humor and perhaps some understanding along the trail.

I often compare my husband's bike to the "other woman."  He spends much of his extra time on her.  He certainly spends a large amount of money on her.  He brings her into our home.  He rubs her down daily with a special towel right in the middle of the family room as if she was a European sports car.  He even watches his diet for her!  And wow the tight clothing he parades around when he goes out with her.  My husband puts on all sorts of body lotions and lubricants that he insists are for chaffing before he goes out on on that bike, but it seems pretty odd to me.  Now you might know someone in a similar situation but their partner is having an affair with (fill in the blank) golf, for example.  My neighbor is having a fling with hunting.  I also have a cousin  who just had an ugly breakup with motorcycling.  Whatever the obsession may be, I am glad that cycling happens to be my husband's extra-marital involvement.

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