Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's Saturday and I wore three layers of clothing to try and face the five degree chill outside for my early morning run.  Only two us us were stupid enough to give it a go.  Thursday was bad enough with a balmy eight degrees and three of us went out.  Needless to say, we ran 15 strides and went home and changed and hit the gym.  My husband scheduled a ride at 9 a.m. in the canyon, another brilliant call.  The streets are clear of snow, but his computer read -2 and he rode alone.  My husband loves to refer to the Velominati Rules.  I would compare these rules to kind of a Ten Commandments, but there are 91 rules and the authors call themselves "keepers" not exactly comparable to Moses.  In this case, my husband cited Rule #9 When Your Riding In Bad Weather, You're A Bad Ass. 

Interesting to note that Rule #4 It's All About the Bike and Rule # 11 Family Does Not Come First, the Bike Does.  I love and hate many of these rules and there are so many to choose from!  But at least they are honest.  They don't make excuses and hide a bike at friends houses and say they have a business lunch during a soccer game when in reality they are going on a mountain bike ride with a buddy.  Or say that bike cost $2,000 when you find out it really cost two times that amount and that was just the frame?  But yes, there is always room for an amendment.

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