Tuesday, January 8, 2013

After thinking about "The Rules" I figured the skirts (as we wives are affectionately referred to) could probably come up with some rules of our own.  But as I mentioned before, the keepers have 90 plus rules and even Moses was atop Mount Sinai conversing with the Lord for days to come up with 10 commandments, so perhaps the Skirts Laws will be forthcoming.

My husband and I just celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary last month.  On our first date, we went on a  mountain bike ride up Spanish Fork Canyon.  In essence, I've been together with my husband's bike as long him.  Of course I mean this symbolically.  He would never own the same bike for 23 years, are you insane?  But let me reflect...She was a red, white and blue Shwinn KOM.  I really didn't know anything about biking.  Apparently my bike didn't meet expectations.  My Bionchi mountain bike was inferior.  My old boyfriend had given it to me as a going away present for college.  As soon this new courtship became serious, my bike was upgraded to a StumpJumper.  You've heard the saying, "Friends won't let friends drive drunk."  Well, "Friends won't let friends ride..." ahh, you fill in the blank.

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